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Here at Stockton Heath Physiotherapy & Wellness our mission is to keep you Active, Healthy & Mobile!

We want to help you avoid making the problem worse, becoming reliant on painkillers or having unnecessary injections or surgery.

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Stockton Heath

Who Do We Help?

Knowledgeable Men and Woman : who know that a lifetime of pain killers is not the way, who won’t accept ‘just rest advice’ and WHO WANT BETTER for themselves than just a few generic exercise sheets or YouTube videos.

Health Conscious Ladies and Mums : Who want to Look and Feel healthier and be able to run around after the kids/grandkids all day, without persistent pain and stiffness slowing them down.

Active Grandparents : who know that playing with grandchildren is much EASIER and more ENJOYABLE if there in LESS pain and STIFFNESS which is DRAINING all their ENERGY each day.

Weekend Athletes : Who want to be FIT and READY for the next round of golf, the nice run after work or the cycle with their friends at the weekend.

“Non-Stop” Lads and Dads : Who know that living with pain is not good for them and want more energy to excel in work and to enjoy hobbies and family time.

Health Conscious Men and Women over 50 : who know that it’s much easier to fend off things like Arthritis, Heart Disease, Cholesterol and Joint Surgery…if they can stay constantly Active, Healthy & Mobile into their later years.

Stockton Heath

How Do We Help?

We Listen : to you and take the time to understand your health goals. We know that it’s not about our machines, massages or fancy mobilisations (as fantastic as they are…), but it’s about you achieving your health goal. So, whether you’re coming to see us to get back running for your mental wellness or to able to sit without back pain so you can concentrate and perform in work, your treatment with us will always be focus around you and your ultimate health goal.

We Understand : what you are going through. We know there are so many options out there for you which can be confusing so instead of taking action to look after your health for fear of ‘getting it wrong’, instead you’ve learned to ‘live with it’ or worse just take painkillers. This is why we offer a free “talk to a physio” first option, to see if our clinic is right for you before any financial commitment.

We Deliver : the best standard of care possible. We’ve tailored our rehabilitation plans to fit you. Once we have identified the right rehabilitation plan for you, we get to work and keep you on track to achieve your health goal.

We Care : about you. Our team gets a real “buzz” when we talk about one of our clients achieving their health goals. The smiles and feel good attitude that’s flows through the clinic is infectious when we talk about your success and makes entire team feel great!

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