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How to Recover Fully From Sports Injuries!

If you’ve recently picked up a sports injury or you’ve been putting up with one for a while, it can be very tempting to put it down as “nothing serious” and only a “slight strain”.

The problem is unless it’s a very minor injury and you are younger than 30, then the injury is more often than not likely to persist and cause further strains due to affecting the way you move during sport. These “slight strains” can add up and lead to a big problem or multiple mini strains that can make playing sport not that much fun.

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Has this happened to you?

Why do Sports Injuries go on longer than it should? Well, with so much conflicting advice, so many options and everyone more than happy and willing to put their 2 pence into how to fix a Sports Injury, it’s really easy to get confused about the best way forward.

You see, Sports Injuries can actually be really complicated. It’s all down to how you move during sport. And this means addressing how not only say a sprained ankle or sore knee moves during sport, but also addressing the hips and lower back too. As if one joint is stiff, it can affect another joint and put unnecessary strain on it causing repeated injuries… You could have spent hours icing a sore ankle, when really the ankle was just being “overloaded” from a stiff hip on the same leg.

So, there’s no wonder you never got any relief…

If you don’t know what you’re doing with a Sports Injury then it can persist for years and sadly instead of the underlying problem being fixed, people learn to accept it and sadly give up on sport. Woefully this means they accept giving up on all the positive benefits sports has – including physical and mental wellbeing. 

It’s Been Months Now, Why Is This Injury Still Affecting My Favourite Sport?

Most people think that when they get a Sports Injury that it will just “ease off” and go away on its own.

That if they rest it or ice it enough, that they will wake up one morning and play their sport and “hey presto” the injury will have gone. But in reality, 6 months later the injury is still there and often much worse than it was when it first started.

Another scenario that we see in our Physio clinic is when people get Sports Injury advice from medical professionals and are told to “rest”, “take painkillers” and “see how it goes”. But this is rarely the best advice, and 6 weeks later they end up back with the same medical professional still unable to play sport and often frustrated at their lack of progress. Whilst their friends exercise, improve their handicaps and catch up together each week. 

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If You Are Currently Living with a Sporting Injury, Here Are 7 reasons It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

If any of these things have happened to you, then we would love to hear from you.

Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Today to Help Resolve Your Sports Injury:


It’s time to make the conscious decision to make your life better and get the help you so desperately need. Making the decision today will have a huge knock on effect to your mental well-being and will make you feel in-control of your Sports Injury… Rather than your injury continuing to affect your participation in sport or worse causing you to sit out altogether …


Don’t make the mistake of resting for too long. Even for new injuries that have just occurred the best advice is “Optimal Loading” for sports injuries. Which basically means exercise the injury as much as possible without causing further damage to the area. It would really help if you had the appropriate mobility and strengthening exercises to speed up recovery, alongside hands-on treatment, to get you back playing sport as soon as possible.


Exercises for Sports Injuries are not something that can be taught from a sheet of paper, watched on YouTube or searched through Google. Any health professional that knows their stuff, will advise you that any exercises for a Sports Injury should be ‘prescribed’ by a qualified, skilled and highly trained Physiotherapist. This is because exercises should be tailor made to help you and your injury. Not one body moves the same during sport, so generic exercises will not work.


At the end of the day, all of the above will help you feel better, and will help you reduce pain, but very often it will keep coming back again and again. Only by committing to attend to Physiotherapy sessions will you actually experience any long-lasting results. If your Sports Injury is impacting your sport, whether that’s a round of golf with friends or playing in competitions, then ultimately its effecting your social life, mental health and happiness – it’s time to take action.
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How Can Stockton Heath Physiotherapy Actually Get Rid of My Sports Injury for Good?

We can quickly ease the pain and stiffness, often within a couple visits to our clinic.

We will get to the root cause of your Sports Injury, often within as quickly as 20 minutes or so.

We will answer all your questions (including the really difficult ones), educating you and guiding you along the way so you can truly understand how to look after and care for your body whilst taking part in sport.

We will ensure that your problem is corrected and healed properly – providing you with the right set of exercises to speed up your recovery.

We will keep you out the doctors waiting room where you’ll likely be told to just “rest it” or put it down to “your age” again.

We will help you get back on the golf course, playing tennis or simply back to work without the Sports Injury slowing you down or impacting your performance.

We help you avoid dangerous surgeries and painful injections.

We can help put an end to taking all those pain killers which are no good for your long-term health.

We can get you back spending quality time with friends and family that your injury has caused you to miss out on.

Does this all sound like what you need?

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A free taster session is something that we offer to people who are unsure if Physiotherapy if right for them. If you are nervous about Physiotherapy and unsure if it will benefit you then you can apply for a free taster visit so we can work out what can be done to help you without any financial risk on your part.

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