What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy involves manipulating tissues of your body including muscles, ligaments and tendons, in order to relieve tension, tight spots (trigger points), stiffness and pain. It is performed by hand or with small instruments to allow the perfect pressure and contour to different areas of your body.

How does Massage Therapy Help Me?

The benefits of massage therapy are extensive and can often be felt with each treatment. They include reducing pain, stiffness, fatigue and stress which many people experience as a side effect of day to day life.
Massage can also improve circulation and enhance the reduction of toxins and lactic acid in your body.
Massage therapy can also control scar tissue which might be causing pain or stiffness in a muscle or joint after surgeries such as Caesarean Section or Knee Replacement.

What about sports?

Massage therapy is beneficial for both weekend athletes and professional athletes aiming to exercise at their best with less chance of injury and faster recovery times.

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