Mummy MOT

Are You a New Mum Looking for a Mummy MOT with a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist in the Warrington, Cheshire Area?

At Stockton Heath Physiotherapy & Wellness our Specialist Women’s Health Department Offer the Amazing “Mummy MOT”.

The Mummy MOT is a comprehensive postnatal check-up that will take your physical recovery to the next level. It’s for women following vaginal delivery and c-sections from 6 weeks postnatal to 6 years. It includes an assessment of your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and overall postural alignment, and it will give you the tools you need to address any issues you may have and regain your pre-pregnancy strength and overall well-being.

Are You Looking to Regain Your Strength, Address Any Postnatal Issues and Get Back To Your Active Self Again ASAP?

Don’t let postnatal issues hold you back any longer. With the Mummy MOT, you will have a customised plan to address your individual needs, and a specialist physiotherapist who will guide you through exercises to improve your strength and overall well-being.

The Mummy MOT is not just a check-up, it’s a plan of action! With the right mindset and the right plan, you can regain your pre-pregnancy body and improve your overall quality of life!

Don’t settle for average postnatal recovery , rise above it, and take control of your postnatal recovery with the Mummy MOT.

What Do I Actually Get with a Mummy MOT?


Frequently Asked Questions:

When Should I Have a Mummy MOT?

Ideally between 6 – 8 weeks following delivery, but it is never too late so even if it is years since your delivery, you are always welcome to get the postnatal check you deserve.

How Long Does the Mummy MOT Last?

The appointment can last between 60-90 minutes depending upon your personal requirements.

Do I Need Follow Up Appointments?

After your assessment you will be given bespoke advice to help with your recovery and get you back to doing the things you LOVE and feeling like YOU again.

You will be given a personalised rehabilitation programme with your goals and lifestyle in mind.

You will get a written report of the findings of your assessment. 

You will then be given further follow up appointments depending on your needs. 

What Do I Need to Wear?

Any comfortable clothing. You will only be asked to undress to a level you feel comfortable with to complete the assessment.

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How Do I Get Started?

Don’t let postnatal issues hold you back any longer. Book your Mummy MOT today and take the first step towards a strong and healthy postnatal recovery.

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