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Treatment For Joint Problems

At Stockton Heath Physiotherapy & Wellness we have very good connections with all the consultants in the Cheshire, Warrington area. We regularly receive referrals from consultants at Spire, HCA Wilmslow, Pall Mall Medical & local NHS.

This covers a wide array of different procedures from shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, hip, or back surgery.

By far the most common procedures we see are hip and knee replacement surgeries, but we also treat keyhole surgeries frequently too.

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Common Conditions

If you have joint pain and stiffness, have been diagnosed with arthritis, or osteoporosis you might be feeling that surgery is an inevitable outcome.

You might have undergone joint replacement surgery and despite being some time ago you haven’t regained your mobility, range of motion or confidence in movement as much as you would like.

You might have decided that surgery is the right treatment path for you and would like guidance to prepare as best as possible.

Preparing, Recovering or Avoiding Surgery

The stronger and fitter you are before surgery the easier it is to recover after surgery,

By doing great prehab, you are increasing the speed at which you will recover from your surgery.

Pre- and post-surgery physiotherapy can help you recover faster, reduce pain and swelling, increase strength quicker and reduce your overall recovery time.

If you are worried about surgery, we can help advise you if it is right for you or not. For some conditions and injuries where surgery is an option, we can often show you how to AVOID surgery and still reduce pain and improve mobility, activity, and quality of life.


What We Treat

If you are worried that you may need surgery and would like an expert opinion or guidance, then we are here to share our experience.

Many consultants will not consider you for their list unless you have committed to physiotherapy first.

Waiting lists are now > 12 months and surgery can cost between £12-16,000, we can help you get the best value for this investment in your health or help you delay or avoid this investment altogether.

How We Solve the Problem

At Stockton Heath Physiotherapy & Wellness, we can provide hands on treatment, and complete treatment plans which will not just get you to a minimum quality of life but will enable you to get back to enjoying long walks, golf, tennis, group classes, socialising with your friends, and being able to play with the grandchildren when they visit.

How Can Stockton Heath Physiotherapy Cure My Back Pain

Whether it is an ACL repair, a total joint replacement, or a simple arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) we can help guide your recovery. Physiotherapy has been shown to help accelerate recovery from surgical procedures and give you the confidence in what you should and shouldn’t be doing at each stage of your recovery.

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What People Just Like You Are Saying About Us

“From shuffling to salsa! Thanks to Stockton Heath Physio, my post-hip replacement recovery was a breeze. They got me back on the dance floor at The Parr Hall in no time! Big thanks to the amazing team. Special shout out to Emma and Katie!”

(Sarah, Lymm)

“My arthroscopy turned into a miracle outcome at Stockton Heath Physio! They had me pain-free and conquering the David Lloyd tennis courts in no time. Top marks!”

(David, Penketh)

“Stockton Heath Physio got me back after my knee replacement to walking happy laps around Walton Gardens. Their expert care and friendly faces had me back to my morning walks in no time! ‍Huge thanks Dan!”

(Emma, Walton).
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