Trigger Point Massage Balls


Robust, therapeutic balls specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation, massage muscles relieve tension.

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Target stubborn back aches with a set of two 66fit 8cm Spiky Massage Balls (Hard or Soft)

The 8cm spiky massage balls are ideal to treat stubborn back aches, deep muscular tension and other areas of cramped sore muscles.

Applying a firm steady pressure, roll the 66fit 8cm spiky balls over the affected area using a circular or rocking motion.

Alternatively place the ball between your back, shoulders or legs and a hard surface eg. floor or a wall and repeat the action as firmly as required.

The spiky 8cm balls are particularly effective for use on painful back muscles, tense stiff shoulder areas, tight quads and can also be effective in the treatment of sciatica.

Why Choose the 66fit Set of Two 8cm Spiky Massage Balls?

The 8cm massage ball set is a great value two-in-one self-massage product. Easy to clean and store, the spiky massage balls can be used to treat stubborn muscular aches and pains, release deep muscle tension and actively increase circulation. These spiky balls are proven to be particularly effective when suffering from sciatica, back pain and muscle cramping.

The balls may be used alone or simultaneously for a dual action result. In addition they may also be used with massage oils for a therapeutic and energising massage experience.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the massage balls, with additional in-depth videos available online.


  • This set of two 66fit 8cm Spiky Massage Balls (Hard or soft) is a great value way to achieve a strong and stimulating massage to help relieve stubborn aching muscles, reduce deep muscle tension and stimulate circulation.
  • The 8cm spiky balls penetrate deep into cramped sore areas to help relieve painful aches, release tight knotted muscles and increase blood flow to targeted areas.
  • The small compact sized massage balls are easy to hold and control to achieve a firm effective technique.
  • The balls are recommended for use particularly on the back and leg areas where a hard firm massage is need most.
  • The compact portable design of these hard spiky massage balls makes them ideal for use both home and away. Easy to clean and store.


Colour: Various
Product Size: 8cm
Product Firmness: HARD or SOFT
Note: The HARD balls are incredibly firm!
Box contents: 2 x 8cm balls
Box Dimensions: 15cm x 8cm x 8cm
Main Materials: PVC and DPHP
Presented In: Colour Box
Packed Weight: 250gms
Made in Taiwan


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