Fiona Kellett

Fiona KellettFiona first joined our team in April 2009. She attained a BSc in Physiotherapy from Queens College in Glasgow in 1990.

Following qualifying in Glasgow she worked in Newcastle and Tyneside where she specialised in respiratory medicine.

Fiona moved to Manchester in 1995 to work in the cystic fibrosis unit at South Manchester University Hospital. She went onto manage the clinical respiratory unit, treating both in-patients and out-patients. She developed a special interest in airway clearance and dysfunctional breathing patterns.

Through development of an interest in academic clinical work, she pioneered the role of hypertonic saline in patients with bronchiectasis, a treatment now part of national and international clinical guidelines.

During this work she qualified as an MSc and published multiple peer review publications and has lectured widely nationally and internationally.

Subsequent clinical/research work, involved dysfunctional breathing and has directly led to the development of new understanding of patterns of dysfunctional breathing/hyperventilation, including measures to manage such conditions

Fiona held a joint hospital and University contract, involved in education of physiotherapy trainees as Lecturer and Student Mentor.

In 2009, Fiona changed her career and returned to her roots in orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy.

Since joining the practice Fiona has developed the community/home visit physiotherapy service – delivering physiotherapy treatment in the home environment. This service allows patients who are unable to access the practice the opportunity to receive high quality treatment tailored to their individual needs.

The service has been extremely successful and has now expanded to include neurological conditions, respiratory conditions and the post operative management of orthopaedic cases e.g., total hip replacement and total knee replacement. We also review patients following discharge from hospital following a fall, a recent chest infection, flare up in rheumatoid arthritis, following surgery and have supported and treated in terminal phase of their illness. Fiona also provides community service to several local nursing/residential homes.

Fiona will first assess a patient’s mobility and any general weaknesses. Then Fiona will treat the condition accordingly which may include some joint mobilisation and massage or some electrotherapy e.g. TENS, ultrasound etc. She will then devise a home exercise programmes, tailored to the individual, supervised and modified as required.  Fiona can also establish any need for mobility aids on a short term or long term basis.

In addition, she has attained the “Intermediate Care in Sports” qualification and has achieved the RFU qualification in “Advanced trauma care” applicable to any sporting field.  Fiona has completed two seasons working for Warrington Rugby Union Football Club.  This involves providing match day trauma care and acute injury treatment and rehabilitation support.

Fiona has two children, both of whom are actively involved in sport recreationally and competitively. Fiona’s son plays at Warrington Rugby Union Football. Her daughter shares Fiona’s love of competitive swimming and has competed for the Warrington Warriors and currently plays netball competitively.

When she gets the time, Fiona also loves being in her garden and enjoys taking her dog for long walks in the countryside.