Physiotherapy Information

The aim of Physiotherapy is to help alleviate pain and to restore normal movement and function so that the body can get back to its natural state.

We will help you by using a “hands on” approach i.e. mobilisation, manipulation and massage. This promotes healing and maintains and restores physical and psychological well being.

We can also use electrotherapy e.g. ultrasound or TENS which can further enhance the healing process.  Your physiotherapist will also teach you techniques and therapeutic exercises which you will do at home to compliment your treatment and speed your recovery.  We will show you what you should and shouldn’t be doing at home, at work or on the sports field, which will also aid recovery and prevent any injury recurrence.

Physiotherapy is science based, and the profession is continuously evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins its practice and methods.  All the physiotherapists at the practice are Chartered (CSP) and members of the Health Professionals Council (HPC).  Some of our physiotherapists work full time in the practice while others divide their time with the NHS as Clinical Specialists (e.g. spinal, rheumatology, obstetrics). This helps us all to keep abreast of medical research and advances in practice.

The use of clinical judgment and informed interpretation is at the core of our profession. Chartered physiotherapists are autonomous professionals able to act as first contact practitioners so you don’t need to see your GP or consultant before making an appointment.

That aside,  this practice has very close links with our local GP’s and consultants, therefore in liaison with you we may contact your GP or consultant to ensure you get the best and most appropriate treatment and care.

Sports InjuriesSome private medical insurance companies may also request a consultant or GP referral. All the physiotherapists in the practice are chartered therefore there shouldn’t be any problem in you using your insurance and we can bill your insurance company directly.

We treat anyone from children to those in old age.  We can see you at the practice or see you in your own home. We are open from 8.30am until 8.30pm during the week and hold Saturday clinics.

We treat a wide range of conditions, particularly those associated with musculoskeletal i.e. sports injuries, spines, muscles, ligaments and joints, respiratory e.g. asthma, bronchiectasis and breathing difficulties and cardiovascular e.g. rehabilitation following heart attack, as well as mobility problems following surgery e.g. hip or knee replacements, ligament repairs, shoulder decompressions or rehabilitation following a fall.

Our physiotherapists will ask you a lot of questions and give you a thorough examination. You may want to bring a pair of shorts with you as we will need to look at the area to be treated.

Ski SlopesThrough problem solving, clinical reasoning, goal setting, evaluation and review we will tailor a treatment and use techniques and exercises specifically for your needs, working with you and with your carer if appropriate.  We will discuss your treatment options, try and understand your needs and help you to resume your everyday activities, sports or hobbies, focusing on your health and your rehabilitation.

If you require physiotherapy treatment but are unable to physically attend the practice, we do offer a home visits service for those living in the Warrington or Cheshire area so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

If you feel that you require physiotherapy treatment but are unable to attend the practice for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs. CALL: 01925 266 881 or 07745 870442 or click here.