Home Visits

Help with home visitsIf you live in the Warrington area and you need physiotherapy, but are unable to attend our Practice for whatever reason, we can help you. Fiona Kellett,  a Chartered Physiotherapist can visit you in the comfort of your own home or even visit you or a loved one in a nursing or residential home.
Conditions that may require a home visit are often caused by the ageing process.  The elderly have diseases and disorders in greater numbers than any other age group, and our care for these patients can make a big difference and be very rewarding for both patient and physiotherapist.

Conditions that may require a home visit also include arthritis, balance disorders, cancer, cardiovascular disease, joint replacement and pulmonary disease etc.

We understand that getting out and about after a stay in hospital can be extremely challenging. A patient may not have used their limbs or exercised for a while, and therefore need reconditioning with a personalised exercise programme which we can prescribe for you. This can help patients regain their function and independence once more.

We can assist with problems associated with the cardiovascular system and respiratory problems like heart disease, breathing problems, shortness of breath, asthma or bronchitis. Treatments can include breathing exercises, airway clearance, inhaler techniques, and lung function tests.  We can help regain the strength of the heart muscle which pumps the blood around your body, and to clear your lungs to help you breathe more easily.

Another key area that may require physiotherapy at home is in connection with the musculoskeletal system.  Physiotherapy helps people who have disorders such as osteoarthritis in your joints eg in the back, hips or knees etc and also osteoporosis.  These problems require special attention as osteoarthritis can be extremely painful and osteoporosis can make patients frailer.  Patients may have difficulty walking, dressing, or getting in and out of their bed or chair, or they may have suffered from one or more falls.  Here the management of osteoporosis is crucial. Our physiotherapy treatment in this area focuses on preventing falls by working to improve balance and gait.

Many patients ask us to visit following a hip or knee replacement.  We will assess how you are managing with your mobility at home. Then we will check that you are managing your exercises and help you to progress off your zimmer frame or crutches.

So whatever your reason for a home visit, Fiona will develop the right treatment plan to address your problem. This could include massage, joint mobilisation, or electrotherapy via ultrasound or TENS machines, which Fiona can bring along to your home visit.

Finally, a personalised exercise programme agreed between yourself and Fiona will help you get back to your daily life, activities and hobbies.  Much of the work that Fiona covers is to enable her patients to function at their best ability.

If you, a relative or loved one feels that you require physiotherapy treatment but are unable to attend the practice, and you live in the Stockton Heath, Grappenhall, Lymm or Warrington area, we would be delighted to be able to help you. To arrange a home visit please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs. CALL: 01925 266 881 or  07745 870 442 or click here.